Outdoor Space in Broward County – Elevate Your Event at The Manor

Planning an event in Broward County and looking to elevate your outdoor experience? Discover the advantages of outdoor space rentals at The Manor on St. Lucie Crescent, a hidden gem tucked away under a mature canopy of coconut palms. Our venue, originally homesteaded as a pineapple plantation, is the perfect setting for weddings, receptions, rehearsal dinners, and parties, providing unique advantages for hosting memorable events in Broward County.

Outdoor space in Broward County at The Manor offers a range of advantages for event planners and hosts in Broward County. The expansive grounds and walled courtyard create an enchanting backdrop, allowing for a seamless transition between different segments of your event. Whether it's the main function, dining, or dancing, our outdoor spaces provide versatility and flexibility for a truly personalized experience.

The natural beauty surrounding The Manor enhances the ambiance of your event, creating a picturesque setting that is both charming and timeless. The mature canopy of coconut palms adds a touch of elegance, making every moment captured in Broward County a memory to cherish. With careful attention to detail, we've curated outdoor spaces that amplify the beauty of your celebration.
Beyond aesthetics, outdoor space rentals at The Manor offer practical advantages. The open-air setting allows for better ventilation and a refreshing atmosphere, creating a comfortable environment for your guests. Our venue's historic charm, combined with modern amenities, ensures that your event in Broward County is visually stunning and seamlessly executed.

Ready to explore the advantages of outdoor space in Broward County? Contact us at 772-678-2372 to schedule a tour of The Manor on St. Lucie Crescent. Let us help you create an event that stands out, surrounded by the natural beauty and unique advantages our outdoor spaces offer.

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