A la carte venues

Immerse yourself in the timeless charm of The Manor on St. Lucie Crescent, where our a la carte venues redefine event customization. Nestled in the heart of a historic 1920s Manor, our diverse spaces, including the ground floor, walled courtyard, and scenic grounds, offer unparalleled flexibility for your special occasion. Whether it's an intimate dinner, a corporate gathering, or a celebratory brunch, our a la carte options cater to your unique needs.

Indulge in modern amenities seamlessly integrated into these historic spaces, ensuring convenience without compromising the venue's distinctive ambiance. The lush canopy of coconut palms provides a picturesque backdrop, creating a truly memorable experience for your guests. Elevate your event with The Manor's unmatched elegance and personalized touch.

Choose The Manor on St. Lucie Crescent for a bespoke event that combines historic charm with contemporary convenience. Book your a la carte venue now and unlock the door to a truly unforgettable celebration.

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